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Gifts Are Always Good Form

(just ask what I like)

Why wouldn't you want to spoil a queen? I think the best way to get to know someone is to pamper them :) Let's start with Malbec or if it's early, Earl Gray tea or kombucha. A hot vegan dinner. I have a few favorite restaurants in town I can recommend. I love a man who brings flowers, pre packaged vegan food (nothing baked), pretty lingerie (I am a 32 C, size small or 4), or shoes (shoe size 8).


Moreover, education is the name of my game. So I will engage in a hard thought.

All femmes/women/female presenting/female at birth persons deserve compensation for the free emotional labor they have given to the world. As a retired social worker and constant healer, my economic compensation has not matched my ardor. I do not negotiate my donation packages. I do not work for free. I do not waste my time. I will not go back and forth over email, let you talk dirty to me, or text you without financial arrangement. All healing costs me in invisible ways that I have to manage privately. worship & adoration are a necessary deposit, but more than that, gifts are a necessary deposit to remain in my life long term. Those who give more, get more attention.

Start w a gift:

I also love Honey Birdette, Solstice Intimates, Thistle and Spire, Rapture of Senses (vegan leather please), Nyx Makeup, Vive Cosmetics, Atelier Bordelle, and Fornikation UK latex. I am open to almost all poetry books (mostly women) and art work. I love a practical gift: a bread box, new dishwasher, gift certificate to home depot. Cat friendly plants.Gifts for my cats. AND CANDLES. I ALWAYS NEED CANDLES. You don't have to overthink it, just ask!

I am also looking for business items and investors. See below about my new endeavor.

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Support my other endeavors

I recently opened a new business whose website is being worked on. You can find me at Soporificia.Etsy.Com. I give 10% discount to all swers. 

Tarot Readings: online, over skype or recorded or in person (if you’re local):
40 for 15 minutes//70for 30minutes.

I have been practicing tarot for years and pull cards every morning. I am offering tarot readings over skype session, recorded or in person (if you’re local). Email to set up appt.

Reiki & Rarot session, 150.00

75 minute reiki session with tarot included. I don’t like to advertise reiki because of the inherent appropriation but I have been doing it for almost six years. I see it more as channeling combined with therapeutic touch and that many have access to these skills. it is more a matter of empathy, intuition and a desire to help others heal that indicates whether your touch can be used as healing. to qualify myself, however, in white woman land, I am a certified reiki master teacher/practitioner. do I agree with this community? no. I do practice witchcraft though and I do still practice the act of touch to channel.

includes a moon ritual and closing ritual. for fellow SW, I open my space. For men,you can book this as a stand alone. It's a great opener


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Panty requests, shoe requests and stocking requests via email only.



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There's more to me than that. 

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