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everyone who meets me learns quickly that consent is mandatory. even just for reiki. no one is allowed to do anything w me without asking first and receiving an affirmative yes. tribute to a Goddess’s time does not give you immediate access to her body. I am here to educate as well as please, and to show men that consent can be made into a game, can be made sexy. boundaries are necessary to restore the power dynamic caused from the heteronormative white supremacist patriarchy.


while there is an inherent sensual nature to my boundary building, this page is to remind you that women have been seen as property of men for milleniums and violence against women has been real, lasting and insidious. trauma is inherent in our bodies. surprises are forgiven if not habitual but surprises can come with verbal consent. you don’t know what anyone has gone through and you certainly should not assume what someone likes.

all games start and end with YES! to learn your witch, you must learn to ask.

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