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Are you looking for a challenge? A bit of intellectual sparring? Respite and retribution? The soft palm after a smack. The poultice. A long walk on the edge. A warm balm? 

I have many sides and when doted on, I open like a red, smirking rose., something to rest your head on. 

I am a sensual dominant companion. I combine games with pleasure.  Hedonist at heart, I love snacking and imbibing, giving in to impulse. I just created a small dungeon in my incall as well for those more adventurous. My only requirement, besides screening and deposit, is that you are respectful and love confident, sharp women. Curious men.

 No detailed dictation of expectations though I do roleplay, fetish sessions and more scripted scenes. These are a collaboration. I make the general rules.

I was a social worker for years, as well as a caregiver for the elderly. I am an herbalist, Reiki master/teacher and birth doula. I just opened an online apothecary. In my free time I hike and read and write. Spend a lot of time with my friends. And travel. I love helping people in general, and in this context, I love helping people explore their boundaries, push their limits, and explore new fetishes. I am open to both switch play. However, I do not bottom for people I don't know.  As we develop a relationship, I am happy to reverse roles a bit. Always open to duos and couples. I also offer surrogacy work for those with more severe intimacy needs.


likes: slow, sensual, sultry, talk, gaze, fingertips, tongues, the edge, conversation, fantasy and game playing. spontaneity.  hikes. horror movies. books. Malbec. Kombucha. pantyhose and heels. stockings. strappy things. animals, especially cats. art. ice play. blindfolds. museums. vegan restaurants. Ethiopian food.  charming but mannered men. a little power play. long deep analysis. medicine and herbs. romance. love taking my time. The way a line 
Opens itself
To enfold into
The next. 

And yes, I love board games. And Spades. Games we make up on the spot. Love a date at Queen and Rook.


For typical submissive men, I practice unique forms of teasing, including those where I am able to make it up as I go. I like slowness, edging, hypnosis, withholding, talking, light corporal punishment and mild restraint, being worshiped and the word no. I do like to hear men beg and I do love to say no. The demands of submissives are not the demands of me. I don’t take much dictation enjoying the spontaneity that female domination promises.

Click the bunny for considerations & further directions. 

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