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Female Supremacy

Some men are looking for a goddess to serve. 

(& some don't deserve)

IMG_8926 (1).JPG
IMG_8926 (1).JPG


I believe in a type of domination that centers the woman's needs. Though, I enjoy seeing the absolute rapture on a new pet's face when he realizes I can make him have the most powerful completion, or the post powerful denial. My Mars in Virgo, Leo in Venus and Leo Moon are driven by giving but my feminism is driven by taking. I have found a line between my pleasure and your pain and while most Masters don't mix intimate pleasure with their games, I DO. 


Besides being a master of controlling men's pleasure, mixing carnality with cock control, I enjoy a few of these things:
–Foot Worship
—Org*^%$ Control

—Body Worship
—Role Play
—Water Sports
–Pantyhose and Cosplay fetish
—Tease and Denial
—Light restraint
—Impact Play


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light edit.jpg


I do enjoy learning how to indulge others in new fetishes as well. Just because something isn’t listed doesn’t mean I wont try it. I am also currently turning one of my spaces into a proper dungeon. I would love to try it out on you. Screening and deposit are required. For my own safety, I don’t take anonymous clients. Introduce yourself properly and let’s see if you won’t become a new favorite pet.

Long Term Dog?

Those who prove to follow my protocol, give generously and keep their word tend to stay in my servitude for long periods. To be a house pet, content sub or long term engagement, we must start with a short game and build trust. I am always looking for errand subs and house pets, but it requires the ability to cater to my whims and my intuitive skill knowing when to reward and when to pull back.

Real d/s relationships take time.

For those who enjoy serving women with no reward in site, I offer an evocative promise: I will drain you with no end in sight.
Only those who send 100 or over will be thanked.

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