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Long Games

Going Steady

I like non monogamy, many boyfriends and lots of attention. I came here for the constant admiration. if you are looking for a steady companion, I’m your girl. let’s start w a short game and build some trust. many things get better with time and access to my very secret menu comes with longer games. the beautiful act of bonding. you and me both.

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Virtual Girlfriend

I offer texting, video chats and phone chats. make tribute first or order a custom video to start. I can be your long term online fling.


for those who want a priestess’ favor and to be her house pet, I do vet regulars to serve my needs. everyone starts with a short game. pick yours and I will see if you have what it takes to be one of my beloveds at my feet.

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I offer surrogate services to men who struggle with kink, sexuality or companionship. It is different than regular sessions and is a more delicate process. However, to be eligible for this, you must book a regular session to start. The consultation process will take place during the session. Surrogate services demand regular frequent appointments.

all my men learn magic, incantation, intention, divination, and altar eventually. I favor those who favor me.

are you worthy of my attention?

Do you want to get in a witch's favor?

All investments start with a gift & a well intentioned letter. 

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