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Short Games

These are my considerations for shorter time together. There are those who use a first meeting as a way to build a foundation together.

I offer sensuality with every session, including and especially domination.

Some fun extras: 

--herbal bath




Tarot sessions: online or in person. 

--40.00 for 15 mins.

--75.00 for 30 mins.

---120 for 75 mins.

---150 for 1 hour.

Tarot & Reiki combined:

--150 for an hour.

--200 for 90 minutes.

--300 for 2 hours.

Reiki alone:

---100 for one hour

--150 for 90 minutes.

Please email me at ready to screen (ID), provide references, & deposit (20% of total). Deposits will be higher for tours (to help cover accommodations) and possibly first timers.


Tours: If all travel accommodations are already booked, I expect full donation. If accommodations aren't booked, I expect full donation if cancelled within a week. All other cancellations will be 50%.

Philly: If cancelled within 48 hours of date, I expect full payment.Within 5 days, 50%. All other times (unless I have arranged something extra), you forfeit deposit. 

Deposits are always non refundable.

Companion Considerations 

1 hour of private time: 600

90 minutes of private time: 800

2 hours of private time: 1100

3 hours of private time (with lots of social time packed inside): 1600

4 hours Dinner package: 2100

5-6 hours: each additional is 600

Overnight: 4000, about 14 hours.

Day Rate without overnight: (about 10 hours): 6000

Day Rate with Overnight: 8000

Weekend: 10000

Social Dates: Vary based on activity but are generally 300/hr.

Consults: 150 for 30 mins.



1 hour of massage: 400

90 minutes of massage: 600

2 hours of massage: 800

Nuru is 100 extra*


Foot Worship

To worship these feet, it is 250/hour. * there are some extras not included. Please inquire*

To play footstool for an hour: 200



1 hour of servitude: 500

90 minutes of servitude: 700

2 hours of servitude: 900

*There are certain things that cost extra. Please inquire within*


Get in Touch

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