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made me walk to her house

collecting stones along the way.

said she was building something.

my pockets and fingers were dirty

and when I arrived,

she was sitting, arms crossed


throw that conch shell away

is how she greeted me.

I feigned my deference

and regret it now.

she never wanted me to kneel

but to toil for her favor.

she didn’t greet me with any body part

but squared me.

when I asked about the stones,

she looked perplexed.

gestured to the kitchen where the

trash sat and said

throw those away too.

“sisyphus” or “how guys save me in their phone 4”

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*excuse my gendered language. I am only telling my narrative of my life as a cis woman with mostly cis men* As we speak, I am locked out of my account. This is the fifth time this has happened. I post


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