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December Special

For those not on my email list: I am going to be generous and offer 50.00 off for suitors I haven't seen, and 75 for those I have. I am in the process of raising 13k for my two year psychedelic journey medicine program and am also asking for donations to help with that.

You can find all payment apps and my wish tender to make financial tributes at You may also purchase items off my Throne or Passional wishlist to help my household/burgeoning business. Thank you for your continued support. We are at a strange place in our world: conflict, recession, lots of pent up anger coming out in negative ways, climate change, etc. I am unsure how much longer we will be on this planet to be completely honest (and I am a psychic).

I also wanted to take this time to remind you I offer other services as well: tarot, reiki, and medicine journeys. I am slowly transitioning back to my healers background and would like to keep practicing reiki & tarot. I do online and in person sessions. Email me to set yours up or gift someone you love a tarot reading (Via @Soporificia, my legitimate business). And if you're on Instagram, please follow my new business

I need more engagement! Thank you again and peace to you all.

The card of the season is Ace of Cups. If your cup overfloweth, then mine will as well and vice versa. The goddess is Hecate. Crossroads. Change. Death.


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