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How We meet

To streamline the appointment process, I have found it helpful to send a few pertinent details ahead of time to clear up confusion, questions and anxiety.

Address will be given and appointment will be confirmed either night before or morning of (depending on time of appointment). Cash is expected. You may not pay the rest of the donation electronically. Good hygiene is a huge turn on. I have a shower you may use if you have no time to shower 😉 There is no need to bring anything but yourself, however, I love kombucha, tea, and an occasional wine. I also love kush as you know. Gifts are always a yes. Toys are welcome! Outfits are also welcome in lieu of an outfit request tip. Communication is super important to me. Please don’t ghost. I set aside time for you and turn down other engagements for this. If we have to reschedule we can, but I require 48 hours notice most of the time, otherwise I expect a tip or full payment. Please don’t flake in the middle of plans. If you’re having cold feet, tell me. Don’t worry–i don’t bite. Unless you want me to.

Feel free to follow my to see more of my personality before the date. To sext beforehand, sub to, call my niteflirt, or email me for arrangement of payment details. I love sexting ahead of time or just chatting. Questions are allowed over NF or Skype. I try to keep explicit details off email.

Can’t wait to meet xx

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