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OF RATE CHANGE, promo ends in 8 days!

To repopulate my OF, I have changed my rate structure and will be not doing any more ppvs! I am doubling my rate to ten a month but all videos will be on TL, including g/g (which used to be ppv even at seven a month). I have also started a raffle for s*** and lowered my custom rate by ten dollars for the summer. Last day to enter raffle is today! Currently, 70% off for the next 8 days for 48 more subs. My MV is also 20% off through May. Got some hot partnered content on both xx.

I am also offering a free trial link to anyone who books ninety minutes or more until summer solstice (only 30 days to redeem!)

I have also gotten the old wanderlust bug again! Upcoming travel is below. To be added to my travel list, please email me:

Parsippany NJ: 6/3-6/5

Hartford CT: 6/17-6/19

Boston, DC and NYC--July & August.


It's the season of rapid communication, rapid hook ups, idea exchanges, short shorts and short flings. Mercury ruled, this season moves fast. Get a pen and a notebook and write down all of your ideas before they flit right out of your head. Practice listening just as much as you practice sharing your ideas with friends.

And don't forget to do your affirmations.

1. Iet go of social interactions that feel forced.

2. I seek more time with my friends. It replenishes me.

3. Dont care so mych about people you forget about yourself.

4. Learn how to distill things to their simplest essence. Write for pleasure. Write to teach.

5. Live by only a few simple maxims.

Gemini in 11th house and chiron: “i only feel misunderstood.”

Pallas in gemini: but i actually have a way with words.

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