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Who AM I?

I have been getting so many inquiries and I want to clear up a few things.

I am a kinky provider, alpha and dominant leaning. I offer a variety of services that are listed as plainly as I can list them on my site. Due to obvious reasons, you will in some cases, have to read between the lines. I offer companionship and domination. I also offer a mix of the two together. My motivation is playful mischief rather than total sadism, though I am a bit of a sadist at times. I am also a switch and will switch, over time, for those I have seen a few times and trust.

I also love witchcraft, sex magic and the sensual side.

If you are coming to me because you have a fetish and I don’t fit into your fetish of what a dominant witch should be doing, you are not submissive, sir, you have a fetish. While I do entertain fetishes and often enjoy exploring others’ kinky sides, I am not interested in being dictated to in an order to accommodate your every capricious need. If you have read my site, then you know that I am also here to teach cishet men how to practice consent and behave. I am more challenging than a softer GFE but just as wet.

I am soft.

I am also edgy.

I am assertive.

I am able to set boundaries.

I enjoy men who listen.

If you are confused, read it again.

If you are still confused, go follow my or to see how playful I am.

If you are not looking for a mischievous, playful fox, seek elsewhere.

If you like this, email me with 1-2 references and linkedin or ID to screen. Deposits required.

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